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Landscape Fabric 3’ x 50’
Soaker Hose 16ft
Soaker Hose 16ft
Garden E. 24" 3-Rings Tomato Cage
Lawn Response 9-1-1 8kg. 3 - 1 Scotts
Garden E. 20pcs "T" Plant Labels
Garden E. Hanging Metal Plant
Plant Food 1.5kg. All Purpose Miracle Gro
Grass Seed 5kg. All-Purpose Mix Scott's
CTG TV  Plant Pulley, clamshell
Garden E. Quick Hose Connector Set
Garden E. "Wasp-Be-Gone" Wasp Trap
Garden E. 3pcs Seed Starting Trays,
BBQ 52"x70" Flannel-Back Tablecloth
Mulchex Cedar Mulch
Lawn Response 9-1-1 4.8kg. 3 In 1 Scotts
Galvanized Windmill, 4.3"x4.3"x17''
Insect Control 2l Home Defense Max Ortho
Ant Eliminator 4L Ant B Gon Max Ortho
Garden E. 25pcs Plant Labels
Grub Killer 1.4kg. Bgon Max Scotts
Grass And Weed Control 2l Round Up
BBQ 14" Silicone Basting Brush,
Citronella Candle in Terracotta Pot
Grass Seed 5kg Green Cross Canadian Blend

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