As you are all aware Coronavirus has been declared a pandemic and developments are happening fast. In order to protect our staff and customers we are implementing the following procedures:

  1. Counters, Cart Handles & Debit machines will be sanitized on a regular basis 
  2. Customers are encouraged to use TAP payments instead of pin or cash payments as these methods have a higher likelihood of transferring germs.
  3. Employees are being encouraged to stay home if they are not feeling well.
  4. Plexi Glass barriers have been installed in customer service areas
  5. Customers must pack their own reusable bags
  6. Masks and face shields are available for staff to wear 
  7. Customers must remove a mask if they are purchasing items that require ID
  8. Customers are asked to delay their visit if they have any symptoms of coronavirus including but not limited to fever, cough and shortness of breath.
    1. Customers showing symptoms may be politely asked to leave and return when they are feeling better.
  9. Employees have been asked not to shake hands. If a customer offers, our staff will politely decline.
  10. There are 40 customers permitted in the store at one time
  11. Customers are expected to follow social distancing rules, both in the store and in the line outside 
  12. Curb side pickup is available for online and phone orders

The following changes have been made to our return policy effective March 25th, 2020

  • Items purchased before March 24th have an extended return period of 30 days after re-opening
  • There will be no returns on hand sanitizer, masks face shields and disinfectant spray
  • There will be no returns accepted on bulk purchases – 3 or more of one item

 Please help us reduce the risk of spreading COVID 19 in our workplace and stay healthy!

Thank you,
Brantford Surplus Management.