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Soldering Iron Set 5pc. 30W
Soldering iron 60 watt
Switch Slide Dpdt On/off Black
PCB board 1.75 x 2.75w. Holes BULK
Battery Snap For 9 Volt Batteries
mini push button momentary off switch
mini push button momentary on switch red
Helping Hand W/2.5" Glass Magnifier
Switch Pull Chain 3 Speed
Digital Multimeter Pro Grade Red Tools
Adapter Power adjustable 3-12VDC 500ma
Solder wick 3 mm 5 foot 25g
Resistors Pack Of 610 Assorted Colours
Battery holder for 2 AA's
Bulb socket for E10 screw in bulb
toggle switch SPST on/off
mini toggle switch SPDT on/off/on
Digital Multimeter
Battery Holder 3-AA Batteries

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